Published by our record label VoxLopis in 2006 -
Bowiefun proudly presents the first Bowiefun-CD - for free download!

(I guess we would get in trouble if it would not be free)
Now you can find them all on one CD: DJ Lope's legendary Bowiefun-mashups, the lost duet of David Bowie and Florence Foster Jenkins and the very first recordings of Little Bo, the cutest rock icon who ever walked on earth...

You might know most of the tracks already, some of them appeared - in less quality - on this website or other places. But now you can get them here all at once in a much better version!*
(mp3/320kbs, remastered by the Bowiefun Soundlabs)!

1 Duet of two Bowies
- cute, eh? (9,6Mb)
2 Lonely (little) Bo
- Little Bo's first recording ever! (3,1Mb)
3 No hell on my harddrive
- DJ Lope's first contribution to the "Audi"-mashup-contest 2004** (5,1Mb)
4 Station to Florence
- Did you know Bowie and famous singer Florence F. Jenkins sang a song together?*** (5,7Mb)
5 Never be an old voyeur
- DJ Lope's second contribution to the "Audi"-mashup-contest 2004** (6,3Mb)
6 Bo loves Aliens
- Little Bo sings for the Titan Flower in Stuttgart, 2005 (4,6Mb)
7 The Cynic and the Bo
- Two Bowies and Danish Band Kashmir, 2005 (10,1Mb)
8 Duet of two Bowies, version 2
- this is the "Westerwaldversion", where Little Bo speaks some German (9,3Mb)
9 Happy Xmas, Bo!
- Little Bo wishes us a Happy Xmas 2004 (629Kb)

It's a rather short CD... only 23:40 min, but better short than shit, as we are used to say! ;-)

Unfortunately we had to remove the old versions, as our webspace is limited.
We apologize for any inconvenience while surfing on this website and finding dead music links.

Here is the cover art in a resolution of 200dpi! Created exclusively by the Bowiefun Design Studios
- it's worth buying a jewel case!
cover front.jpg (1,6Mb)
cover tray.jpg (976Kb)
cover inside.pdf (67Kb)

Florence and David

*thanx to Crystaldreamer, who made us creating this compiltation
**...can you find all the songs used in the mashups?
*** thanx Clever_Clever and Steph11 for inspiration!