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(Holyday, eh? Thought you were working on your new album, hee hee)
Welcome to The Spaceboy Festival at bowiefun... unfortunately it's not printed yet.
So you have to make do with the famous festival poster, ticket and book cover designed by the owner of bowiefun - thanks for her patience and fine artwork.

However, I'd like to introduce you to the story... and this is how the story goes:
One fine day David Shady decided to take a bath. Some people do such things, you know. But normal people don't have bathrooms with supernovas, reality mirrors or goblins inside. And ordinary people are not told that they are rather boring by their other selves. They don't have to visit Vision Rooms and other strange places, where you're in danger of meeting eerie creatures, materializing themselves on crystal balls. They're seldom if ever have to smoke hookah with an alien who can reproduce everything that becomes part of him. They can't finish a new album within five days. And they would never, never ever leave everything behind and gear up for a festival at a lonely mountain in the middle of winter. But for David Shady this was just another trial to find out about the meaning of life.

Detailed description of The Spaceboy Festival
This novel is dedicated to David Bowie and to all of his fans. Before you start with the details, you should have a look at the short description above. The idea was to write a short story about David Bowie for the members on http://www.davidbowie.de. It was just for fun, but the whole thing went on, and on. So one day I decided to make a book out of it, and I was very surprised, and also very pleased, when four members offered to help me. And I thought: "David, you're quite right. The best thing about David Bowie is having David Bowie fans." And that is that.

Now, who's inside the book?
David Shady, respectively King Shady
Twelf more Davids, representing his alter egos
The kooks from Germany
Little Spaceboy, a smaller version of Spaceboy himself
Little Shady - a tragic comic figure from the Internet (you might know him, hehe)
Little Shady2, a reproduction of Little Shady
The Shadow
and some other people.


The novel is a mixture of fantasy, truth, reality and philosophy, the meaning of life and the search for it, combined with irony, humour and melancholy. Literally, the matter of this story is an attempt to make people understand, that David Bowie is someone who has done a lot of fabulous stuff (and still does, at least that's what I hope), and whom we like very much (I adore him, to be honest), but that he's still a human being, and not a kind of god; though some of his fans unfortunately might believe that. A human being, who's trying to find his way, just like you and me. It's also kind of a reflexion, kind of a strange way to tell Mr. Bowie that he means more to me than he'll ever know, and that he's always on my mind, and will be forever. All these things are mixed in this story, and one should read it with a good sense of humour. Our translation might be not 100 per cent perfect, and I point this out on the back of the book cover. It's a fan production, it shall be a fan production, and it was worth the trouble. I dare say we had a lot of fun with that stuff.

Lyrics: The story ends with a three-day fictitious festival, called THE SPACEBOY FESTIVAL. So I've put together three setlists with a lot of Bowie songs, which are imbedded in the final part of the story, partly complete, sometimes only in fragments, or as a quotation. All songs are listed in the appendix, also the albums from which they're taken. In addition to that there's an album called Thirteen Thoughts, but this stuff is pure fiction, as well as My Life's Asymmetry. Well, that's it. Now it's up to you. To read or not to read - that's the question.
Yeah – to read or not to read – that's really the question, believe it or not

We did a mighty fine job to translate The Spaceboy Festival, and everything's finished since I don't know, I think it was March 13th, 2007. I've no idea if the story will ever be published. By now I'm allowed to give away a few copies (whatever that means). Everything else depends on the permission for the right of reproduction for the songs I've used – and that's going to be expensive for a poor devil like me. So all I can do at the moment is to wait for a miracle or some sponsors. If you don't know how to spend your money or in case you'd like to get a copy, feel free to contact bewlay81@yahoo.de, that's me.

Enjoy yourself, and don't forget to keep your head warm...
Twinkle twinkle, CrystalDreamer



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